… And here came the time called AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT and the darkness gave way to the light …

A NEW BEGINNING – Welcome party

For the first day of our workshops we planned a party to help you all meet new friends.
We want you all to feel at home no matter if you’re here for the first time or your with us from the beginning.There will be plenty of good music, a welcome toast and everything you need to make your first impression in the new place unforgettable.
Let’s dance, let’s talk, let’s meet each other! Welcome to SDA SUMMER CAMP 2019


Without a doubt, contemporary dance is an indispensable element for any professional dancer.It is also one of the most inspirational styles of dance that allows you to push the boundaries of the imagination.We give you opportunity to learn about it. We have prepared for you two evening events during which contemporary dance and you will be the main actors. Contact Improvisation and Flow Partnering are waiting for you.


Music can also be a way to enlightenment, especially good music with a good company. Are you sure you that You ready for what awaits you during this party.

Food for Soul and Mind – BBQ Party

What do you associate with mountain trips? Barbecue, of course! This year we decided to take advantage of beautiful surrounding of Silesian Beskids and, one evening, treat you with barbecue instead of supper (options for vegans and vegetarians too!). Great food, nature, starry sky above our heads and friends all around. Feels good, right?


Dancing is hard to understand , without understanding history and without knowledge. This is why we have prepared for you an original lecture connected with the party, which will be led by well known in dance community person ( we will announce soon ). This evening, apart from learning the history and development of particular dance styles, you will experience the sounds that lecture will be about. Undoubtedly a must-have event for any working on his development dancer.


Personally, this is one of our favorite evenings, which our participants remember for a very long time. We know many of you are not only students, but also teachers, choreographers and creators of their own artistic visions. We would like to see them and give you a chance to present your achievements to other Camp participants and our teachers. This evening you will be the ones who inspire us!


One of the invited mentors during last event said: ”If you want to develop yourself physically, you have to develop mentally at first, and then your body will follow this development.” We strongly agree with this words, that’s why Q&A event has always been an important element of our workshops.

END OF AGE – Bye Bye Party

Nobody likes goodbyes, we neither. Thus we do our best to make the last event of the camp full of joy, laugh and positive energy.
We don’t want to reveal all the secrets, but there will be a great music, games and playful activities. It will be a nostalgic and magical evening.
A day when we can together celebrete our passion for dance and love for each other. It is also a way we can say thank you to each of you for your effort and your presence. But before that lets have ten amazing days!


SDACAMP come from community.Many years ago you trusted us and gave us the chance to realize one of our dreams. Now we would like to repay you creating STEP FORWARD We want to give TWO chosen people the opportunity to TEACH during SDA CAMP and to present themselves to a wide circle of students.