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SDA CAMP Concept

SDA SUMMER CAMP is one of the biggest dance workshops in Poland but also well-known dance event in Europe. Dance classes are lead by world-renowned choreographers from USA. We do our best to prepare our Camp the best way for our participants, so they could come and take everything they need. We realize, that your trust is priceless, because of it we modify our assumptions to meet your expectations. What makes SDA SUMMER CAMP special is authentic family atmosphere, so each of you could feel this event is created for him.


Each class is a separate part of the certain aspect of dance art. Choreographs, specialists in their own fields would lead you deep into their topics, so that you could obtain a greater knowledge about it. To maximize the effects of those classes, we minimized the amount of participants only to 50 people. In this way teacher would have an easy access to each of You, to concentrate and focus on the moves much better. Undoubtedly, Drill Your Skills – Master Class will lead you into the higher level of the dance art. Please notice that Drill Your Skills – Master Classes package is only possible to buy additionally if you already signed for regular workshops.


Strongly intensive workshops with the top world choreographers. Workshops are organized the way to ensure you to have opportunity for more personal contact with the choreographer and maximize your comfort during classes.

Teachers are unanimously recognized by the dance community by leading educators in the world, each year matched in such a way to give you the opportunity to take advantage of the most diverse and valuable classes.

10 dance days. During those days you can take part not only in dance classes but also in many integration events or panel discussion, lectures, Q&A, climatic events (without any additional charges). We provide lower and higher standard accommodation.

It is international event, where you can meet people from Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Sweden or even Japan and Morocco. That gives you excellent opportunity for exchange of experience in dancers society.

SDA SUMMER CAMP defies stereotypes trying to increase the quality and intensity every next event.

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